2018 New Braunfels, Texas Festival Messages

2018 President's Sermon

September 23

The Feast—A Lesson in Immersion Education
Andy Burnett

This is an opening night message analogizing the language immersion educational model to the Feast experience God provides to help us maximize our learning--if we choose to "jump in" fully!

September 24

Healing in the Millennium
Ken Treybig

God promises great healing in the millennial reign of Christ and the saints—healing the blind, deaf and lame. But how and when will that happen? Will it be instantaneous for everyone around the world on day one? What can we infer about all the other healing that will be needed--emotional and spiritual?

September 27

Preparing to be Kings and Priests
Larry Solomon

The Bible tells us that we will be ruling and teaching with Christ in the Kingdom of God. We will look at what the Bible says about that, what we can learn from some of the examples listed in the Bible and how we are preparing for it now.

September 28

A Threefold Cord
Andy Burnett

This message examines the “3-fold cord not easily broken” passage and paints a picture of how this concept will apply to families in the millennium. How does a family strengthen itself (structural integrity) and provide a safety net for its members? How does a family weaken its structural integrity? What roles do youths play in the "3-fold cord not easily broken" concept?

Three Aspects of Vision
Larry Solomon

In this Bible study, we will look at three aspects of vision, hindsight, insight and foresight. We will look at the importance of each aspect to us as we prepare for the Kingdom of God.

September 29

No More Pain or Sorrow
Doug Horchak

God promises a world of "No more pain, sorrow, or tears". God also shows us why great sorrow has defined man's existence and how the return of Jesus Christ and the Millennium will address the CAUSE of man's pain, sorrow, and tears.

September 30

Of the Increase of Peace There Will Be no End
Justin Adkins

Isa 9:7 says that peace will increase forever. We will review that there are steps to peace we can be applying right now that will enable us to fulfill this verse in the Kingdom of God.

October 1

Last Great Day-Opening the Graves
Ken Treybig

Man has been fascinated by the idea of cryogenics--preserving someone by freezing and bringing them back to life at a later time. This day emphasizes the power of God to open the graves, as has already occurred a number of times in the biblical record. But this time it will involve a far greater purpose than just an extension of physical life.

Purpose-Driven Life
Doug Horchak

Of all people in the world, those that God has called have every reason to have their lives driven by a profound purpose--preparing for life as a member of the family of God