2018 Fort Myers, Florida Festival Messages

2018 President's Sermon

September 23

Reviewing the Big Picture
Jim Haeffele

We come here every year to preview the biggest picture that will ever be made. Let's look at its history, since it has been in production for millenniums. How does the "Big Picture" relate to us at this Feast today?

September 25

The Building Blocks of God’s Kingdom
Richard Thompson

Every empire and kingdom has certain qualities which support them. The Kingdom of God is everlasting and has building blocks which guarantee its growth and success throughout eternity.

September 27

The Sanctity of the Family
Jim Haeffele

The institution of the family is under greater stress today than at any other time in history. Why is the family important? Who attacks and puts pressure on families to divide? How can we strengthen our families in this age?

September 28

Zion and the Kingdom of God
Jim Haeffele

What is Zion? Is it relevant to the New Testament Church and to the meaning of this Feast? Let's look at the historical background behind this unusual name. We will look at how "Zion" represents God's kingship and His rule in the past, present, and future.

October 1

The Meaning of the Last Great Day
Jim Haeffele

Why does God give us an annual Sabbath following the FOT? Jesus Christ reveals the meaning of this day in the books of Matthew and Revelation. It represents a time of great hope and mercy for this world.