2018 Catskill Mountains, New York Festival Messages

2018 President's Sermon

September 23

Why Are You Keeping the Feast?
Paul Suckling

The reasons and motives for Feast attendance.

September 24

Fears, Phobias, Freaks and the Feast
Scott Lord

Fear is an emotion that can harm people. But the Fear of the Eternal is something very good for us. In this message, we'll examine what the fear of God is, and it's connection with the Feast of Tabernacles

September 26

A Call to Greatness
David J Treybig

In a world of confusion, suffering and mediocrity, God has given each of us an incredible call to greatness. None of us has started out great on our own. With God's help, how do we grow now to make our calling sure and what great things does God plan for us in the future?

Simplify Life
Alan Wheeler

We have often been reminded to simplify our lives. It’s important to see in scripture where simplicity is taught as well as the reason it is so critical to our spiritual lives. This message explores the concept of complexity and suggests a way to let our attendance at the Feast of Tabernacles help us learn lessons in simplicity while living in such a complicated world.

September 27

Our One Thing: Dwelling with God Forever
Zach Smith

Young people are pressured from a very early age to "find their passion"--the one thing that brings them joy and satisfaction--and to build their lives around it. The Feast of Tabernacles can help direct us toward our "one thing." In contrast to dwelling in temporary booths, God has a permanent dwelling planned for us that should be our true passion.

September 28

Two Windows on the Millennium
Cecil Maranville

Look at tomorrow through the window of "Your eyes shall see your teachers." And, through the window of "Let the little children come to Me." Together, they reveal much about "This is the way; walk in it!"

Hebrews: A Better Kingdom is Coming
Kevin Epps

Everything about God's kingdom is better than man's world. Overall, this will bring massive improvements, not just a small upgrade. This is one of the themes that's sprinkled throughout the Book of Hebrews.

September 29

When Hope Becomes Reality
Paul Suckling

We are preparing to be on the team that will serve under Christ to help mankind during the Millennium.

October 1

Hear the Word of the Lord
Scott Lord

The Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37 are told to "Hear the Word of the Lord". What does that mean, and why is it important on this eighth day of the Feast?