2018 Branson, Missouri Festival Messages

2018 President's Sermon

September 24

The Law Shall Go Forth From Zion
Greg Sargent

Jesus Christ will rule the earth when He returns and immediately teach God's laws to the world. Why so important? From the beginning, God's purpose has been, "You will be my people and I will be your God." That only happens if we keep God's Commandments.

It’s all About Peace
John Foster

No human President or administration or government has ever been able to bring about real peace. Only Jesus Christ will bring peace. The millennium is all about peace that is real and will last forever.

September 26

New Jerusalem
Paul Luecke

In Revelation 21 we read about a new heavens, new earth, new Jerusalem, pearly gates and streets of gold--but what does it all mean? This Bible study walk through Revelation 21, with a focus on New Jerusalem.

September 28

How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings
Caleb Froedge

There is coming a time when the "Lord’s house" (Christ’s Kingdom / rule) will be established on Earth above all other houses (nations). How LOVELY will it be for those, who are called for the first time, to finally dwell in God’s house! How lovely are Thy dwellings?

September 29

Prophecies of the Millennium
Greg Sargent

God's purpose for mankind from the beginning was for all to be in His kingdom. Scores of prophecies in the Old Testament foretold this event. Fascinating scriptures from God's Word explain how God brings His plan to fruition.

September 30

Living Waters
John Foster

The waters of the earth are full of pollution and they will be devastated even more before Jesus Christ returns. He will come and heal the physical waters and will also provide the Holy Spirit to all.

October 1

Known but to God-For Now
Paul Luecke

The identities of billions of humans buried in the earth are "known but to God". However God is safely maintaining the identities of each; and the day is coming when they will all return to life... and then WE will known them too.