2017 Redmond, Oregon Festival Messages

2017 President's Sermon

October 4

Reverse Babel
Andy Burnett

Remember what happened at Babel? This opening night message contrasts Babel with the Millennium while encouraging us as God's people to live our lives in an opposite manner to Babel.

October 5

To Know God - A Mission Impossible?
Michael Hanisko

Two mighty acts of God at either end of Israel's history are recorded as occassions when Israel came to know their God. In both cases there are some key truths that Isreal learned from these events, and those truths are just as important for us today to learn and reflect on. This Feast of Tabernacles can help us do that, and it reminds us that a time is coming when these truths about knowing God will fill the universe and all will know Him.

October 6

The Sons of Zadok
John Foster

When Jesus Christ returns, the sons of Levi will be purified to serve at the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. One group, the sons of Zadok, will serve at the altar. In the Bible Study, we’ll look at why God will use Zadok’s descendants in the future—and also give some of the reasons for the offering of sacrifices.

October 7

The Mountain of the Lord
John Foster

When Christ returns, He will establish His mountain--His government, and it will replace (not repair) the governments of this world, and all laws and truth will come from Jerusalem.

October 8

Millennial Circumcision?
Andy Burnett

Most people would agree that circumcision is one of the odder "customs" practiced. What are the past, present, and future implications of this teaching by God? What place will it have in the millennium?

October 9

The Hand of the Diligent Will Rule
Michael Hanisko

God expects us to organize our life around the priority of seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. If we are going to rule and serve with Jesus Christ, we must continue to grow and be diligent about all that God has given us to do. Our diligent labor is not in vain -- it is with purpose and is a part of God's mission for mankind.

October 10

The Discipline of Sanctification
Britton Taylor

What is our response to coming under God's grace? Why do we do the things that we do? A festival sermon that gives the answer.

October 11

What Happens After the Millennium?
John Foster

Before the 2nd resurrection, Satan will be released and will deceive the nations—Gog and Magog. He has used things in the past to deceive, and we have to be careful so we aren’t deceived even now.

October 12

If you Didn’t Get to Say Good-bye
Britton Taylor

The comfort of the Last Great Day, the promise of a future resurrection to life.

Matter Doesn’t Matter
Michael Hanisko

God created a material universe and made man of the dust of the earth. All that is physical is temporary. But God also created man to be able to have a relationship wiht Him. God, in working out His plan, does the physical first, then the spiritual. Only the spiritual lasts forever. As we leave the Feast of Tabernacles we must keep firmly in mind what really matters--to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.