2017 Orange Beach, Alabama Festival Messages

2017 President's Sermon

October 4

What will you give to this year’s Feast?
Phil Sandilands

We have been blessed with so much this year, including the calling that allows us to have the understanding that we should be observing this festival. For all that God has given us, what should we be giving back? Here are some thoughts on what we can do this Feast to help others and make this Feast enjoyable for them as well as us.

October 5

Don’t Lose Perspective
Harold Rhodes

It is very important to keep God's perspective of who we are, our calling and the purpose of the Church today; otherwise, we can become discouraged in our daily struggle for the Kingdom of God. We need to realize as well, that our personal and collective role occupies and fulfills only a "fragment of time" in the overall plan of what God is doing.

October 7

Is The Kingdom of God Solving Your Problems Now?
Gary McConnaughey

Applying God's laws to solve relationship problems, with God, with brethren, and with unbelievers

Israel’s Second Exodus - a New Beginning!
Peter Hawkins

The Bible shows God will lead Israel out from a captivity that will overshadow when He brought them out from Egypt. Survivors from a time of trouble will be regathered and led back to worship God in the original territory of Israel. This sermon examines this Exodus yet to come, parallels with the first Exodus, and how Israel is prepared to serve the world under Jesus Christ and King David.

October 8

The Healing Water
Chris Moen

What is really behind the healing and life-giving properties of the “living water?” Even with astonishing miracles of the healing of land and water at the start of the millennium, we’ll see that the power to heal the nations will be no different than that offered to the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, and no different than how God works in our lives today.

The Greatest Team Ever Assembled
Cory Erickson

October 9

Let Us Go Up…
Peter Hawkins

Scripture shows that mountains have been and will continue to be an important part of mankind’s experience. This sermon explores the physical nature of mountains and the way God uses them as a powerful picture to help us understand His government.

October 10

Other Duties as Assigned
Justin Adkins

At work, you have a Job Description that details your job responsibilities. Many contain that catchall phrase 'Other duties as Assigned'. We will review our job responsibilities leading up to Christ's return, during the Millennium, and then beyond that.

October 11

Children and the Church of God
Larry Greider

This is a family day sermon that relates Children and the COG to "God is a family"

October 12

In Their Day of Visitation
Gary McConnaughey

We interact with and influence many people by our conduct on a regular basis. By living a Christian life many of those that caused us problems will glorify God through Christ in their day of visitation - the White Throne Judgment

Where Will You Be at Sunset on Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018?
Phil Sandilands

This date will be the opening night of next year's Feast of Tabernacles. While we often are already thinking about where we will attend next year, we should also use the time this coming year to be ready spiritually for next Feast. Imagine what you would have missed if you had not come this year? Plan now to not only attend next year, but plan now on ways to serve others.