2017 New Braunfels, Texas Festival Messages

2017 President's Sermon

October 4

Four Q&As About the Feast of Tabernacles
David Treybig

As we begin observing this festival of God, it is good to orient ourselves to why we are here and what we expect to gain while here. Let’s do this by asking and answering four basic questions.

October 5

A New Way to Govern
Larry Salyer

Christ will govern the world. This sermon will contrast man's various systems of government with Christ's perfect way of love and service. This right government will make the world a different place

October 6

Who or What is Laodicea
Larry Salyer

The historical context of the church at Laodicea is examined. A few slides of the ruins will be used. The point is to tie in the need to forcefully seek the Kingdom of God as opposed to being spewed out of Christ's mouth.

October 7

What the Sabbath Means to God.
Steven D. Moody

The Sabbath during the FOT gives double emphasis to the purpose of God's plan for humankind. God wants a family and the Sabbath was given to man to be a weekly reminder of God's awesome purpose.

October 8

What Do You Mean, Kingdom of God?
Jim Servidio

Show the difference between the Millennium and the Kingdom of God. One is physical and the other Spiritual. Christians are to reflect the values of the spiritual kingdom of God in our lives now.

October 9

Marriage of the Lamb
James (Al) Garrett

The events leading to Christ's marriage to the Church symbolize the journey God's people take to attend the marriage.

God’s Investment in Family
Jim D. Chapman

Everyone can quote John 3:16, where God gave His only begotten Son to save the world. But He also invested His time, His labor, and His spirit so that each of us will have the opportunity to become a family member, a joint heir, and thereby join them both for the ultimate "Family Day" they are preparing for us.

October 10

God Rules the Nations
David Treybig

As we consider the Millennium including Christ’s reign on earth, we often review God’s workings with the ancient Israelites and His promises to them that will be fulfilled after He returns. This focus on Israel is part of the story of the Millennium, but it is not the complete picture. In this sermon we will focus on scriptures showing that God has been and will be working with the peoples of all nations.

October 11

Seeking God’s Righeousness
Steven D. Moody

We are exhorted by Jesus Christ to seek God's Kingdom and righteousness. The FOT gives us a vision of the kingdom to come. But, how must we live today to have a part in that kingdom. We must be seeking God's righteousness. We will examine what is involved in seeking God's righteousness.

October 12

Meaning of the Last Great Day
Jim Servidio

What is the scriptural foundation of our teaching about the second resurrection?

Coping in This Evil Age
Larry Salyer

In the context of the Great White Throne judgment, we will look at why Christians must suffer today and offer ways to put this suffering in the context of God's plan of salvation for all of mankind.