2017 Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania Festival Messages

2017 President's Sermon

October 4

2 Corinthians and the Feast
Kevin Epps

The writing of 2 Corinthians is often placed in the fall. Several passages in this book complement the meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles. Two dominant festival themes are: 1) temporary dwellings and 2) comfort.

October 6

What Is the Reason for the Hope in You?
David Johnson

For most, hopes are little more than idle wishes with little impact on their lives. When the Millennium begins, we’ll be sent as emissaries of godly hope to hopeless people, cowering in the rubble of civilization. Mr. Johnson shows why the godly hope we can share is different than the failed hopes of mankind.

October 7

Keeping God’s Sabbath Holy Equals Zeal for the Kingdom
Nathan Willoughby

The Sabbath is a sign of the establishment of God’s kingdom and the millennial reign of Jesus Christ and His saints (us) – each and every week! How amazing the Sabbath day is. Our dedication and zeal for God’s kingdom is visible in how we treat, remember and keep God’s Sabbath.

Called to Keep the Feast
Matt Pavlik

The thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ, on the earth, will be full of physical blessings, and we look forward to that wonderful world during the Feast of Tabernacles. However, those called by God in this life look forward to a greater purpose than simply enjoying that physical abundance. God has jobs in store for His saints, to be kings and priests. Now is the time to prepare for the calling.

October 8

Families Worshiping the King
Lyle Welty

We come to the Feast as families, in order to worship God. The matter of worship is extremely important to God. What is worship? How do we do it? And how can we help our children in their worship of God?

October 9

Leadership in the Millennium
Bill Jahns

There will be a great change for the better in the millennium when leaders with good character are put into place. There are good and bad leaders in the Bible.
There are real positive effects when godly leaders are in power.

October 10

The Good News of the Kingdom - Inherit it by Force!
Nathan Willoughby

We have been called to be the teachers, the rulers – the kings and priests of God’s kingdom that will rule during the Millennial period under Jesus Christ. How much do we desire the reality of the good news of the kingdom? Are we willing to give all to inherit it? The kingdom is not for the well-meaning, but for those who desire it. No one drifts into the kingdom – it takes vision, it takes effort, it takes perseverance – like the storming of a city!

October 12

The Dead Shall Live Again
Lyle Welty

To understand the meaning of this day is to understand God as He really is -- loving, powerful, merciful and fair. And with this understanding, we marvel at God's wonderful plan.

How Will You Use Your Superpower?
David Johnson

At some point most people have fantasized about having some kind of superpower, like Superman or one of the other superheroes. Do you realize you already have a superpower? It’s called the Holy Spirit, and it empowers you to do things the normal person cannot do.