2017 Kohala Coast, Hawaii Festival Messages

2017 President's Sermon

October 5

A Feast for All Nations
Clyde Kilough

The people keeping the Feast today have been called from scores of nations, tongues, races and backgrounds. They picture what will God, in His love for humanity, has foretold He will be doing in the Millenium.

He is Worthy
Bruce Gore

God who had everything makes a decision to expand His family. His love for us is demonstrated by how much He was willing to sacrifice to bring that about, to build His very own character in vessels of clay.

October 6

Teachers of the Law
Bruce Gore

In the World Tomorrow, nations will come up Jerusalem to learn God’s law. We will be among those who teach them the laws of God. The Garden of Eden holds a key to effective teaching of God’s laws in recognizing there are different levels of instruction.

October 7

A World Without Racism and Bigotry
David Register

Our world today is filled with bigotry, racism, nationalism, and xenophobia. We look forward to a time when these no longer exist in the Kingdom of God. In fact, as Christians we need to be on guard against these hateful attitudes now.

October 8

The 1,000 Year Place of Safety
Clyde Kilough

This world is a very unsafe place--physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually--and it's going to get worse. One of the greatest needs early on in the reign of Christ will be to create a safe place for humanity, one where people can heal and grow.

October 9

Abhor Evil, Cling to What is Good
Matthew Zollner

Revelation 20:7-8 shows us that even after the initial one thousand year reign of Jesus Christ, Satan will still have a powerful negative influence on mankind. As we return home from the Feast this year we must be vigilant because our adversary is alive and well and wants to see us fail.

Fear God and Hold Fast
Jeff Baker

When God was readying Israel for their entrance into the promised land, he gave them clear instructions as summarized in Deuteronomy. They were told to fear Him, keep His commandments, and to hold fast. But they failed. God’s spiritual Israel—His people—are given the same instructions. We are to fear God, obey Him, and to hold fast to His promises.

October 10

The Kingdom of God is not for Sissies!
David Register

Each of us has our unique set of circumstances to overcome to serve with Christ in the Millennium. Our lives now are not supposed to be easy. We often endure suffering to prepare us to rule with Jesus Christ during the Millennium.

October 11

Commitment to a Calling
John Perry

History presents us with many people who did and said famous things from which we can learn lessons. Paul Revere, was just such a person in American history because he was committed to the calling of Liberty . We too, as Christians must be committed to our calling to liberty (Gal. 5:13).

What WOULD Jesus Do?
Dave Johnson

WWJD was a popular expression, but generally was lip service. We picture a time when the whole world will learn to seek God's way. Are we preparing for leadership by truly asking first and foremost what God wants?

October 12

Bruce Gore

One of the most encouraging truths God has given us is that this is not the only day of salvation. It is marvelous for many reasons, but also because it gives meaning and hope to tragedy, to history and some difficult Biblical scriptures.

Acts of God
Clyde Kilough

"Acts of God" is a negative term used today to describe disastrous events and circumstances. But as we wrap up this annual cycle of festivals we have seen the greatest acts of God past, present and future.