2017 Fort Myers, Florida Festival Messages

2017 President's Sermon

October 4

We Are Here Seeking the Kingdom
Jim Haeffele

We are here to seek what this Feast pictures--the Kingdom of God. We have had to overcome some giants to be here. Now that we have made it to the Feast let's consider some points that will make this a successful Feast.

October 5

The Hand of the Diligent Shall Bear Rule
Roy Demarest

How will we be able to rule over 10 cities in world tomorrow, when we have had so little experience in actually governing? Answer? God will upgrade our bodies and minds to equip us for the task.

October 6

Benefits of an Agrarian Society
Roy Demarest

The Millennium will be an agrarian society far more than it is today. Why?

October 7

From A Heart of Stone to A Heart of Flesh
Richard Thompson

The restoration of Israel to its God-given inheritance is one of the major steps Christ will take in establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. Before Israel can truly be the nation God intended, its heart must be changed and God's Spirit must be given.

October 8

“Keepers of the Light”
Dennis Garland

A Lighthouse sends out light to protect those out on the Sea from running aground. Lighthouse Keepers of old were called "Keepers of the Light". We know that Jesus Christ is the light of the world and as his followers, we are the keepers of that light now and forever. How are our duties as Christ's "light-keepers" similar with the lighthouse keepers of old?

October 10

Living With a Sense of Urgency at the Time of the End
John Pentlin

Why do we need to live with a sense of urgency? Being urgent is more about character than it is about time. Urgency should not have anything to do with how much time we have left. Let's look at the character traits of urgency God wants us to have.

October 12

It’s So Hard to Say Good-bye
Dennis Garland

Never in man's history has there been so much interest in learning about our Ancestry. Why is that? As we look forward to the Last Great Day in God's plan, we look forward to seeing those ancestors in the biggest family reunion of all time! We look forward also to never having to say "good-bye" ever again!

Our God of Comfort
John Pentlin

Many people have lost loved ones without true understanding about life and death. Man's religions do not provide much comfort at death. This day represents a day of comfort when God will comfort all who mourn. God is going to have mercy on all mankind. He will heal the broken hearted and bind up their emotional wounds.

The Purpose and Meaning of This Day
Jim Haeffele

We will look at John 7:37-10:21 and what Christ did on the LGD. Then I will cover what Christ taught and explained about the Judgment.