2017 Branson, Missouri Festival Messages

2017 President's Sermon

October 5

How Will Millennial Peace Come?
Gary Black

How will we lead humanity from where they are at Christ's return to the millennial society that we all envision? Jesus Christ, in His Sermon on the Mount, gives the qualities of a citizen of His kingdom. How might His words at the beginning of that sermon - the Beatitudes - help change the world?

October 6

God Appreciates Your Efforts
Scott Lord

God appreciates the efforts we make to grow in godly character; in support of His work and in helping our fellow man.

The Solomon Report
Scott Lord

A review of why the book of Ecclesiastes is read during the feast.

October 7

The Tree of Life
Jim Franks

God's plan of salvation as pictured in the annual festivals is also connected to the tree of life.

October 8

God is a Family
Mike Blackwell

God is a family, and His master plan is to greatly expand that family by adding many sons and daughters to that family. Family life during the millennial reign of Jesus Christ will be vastly different than family life is today.

October 9

A Long, Long Time Ago
Tom Schultz

As we look back throughout the history of this world, even before the creation of man, we see how rebellion against God's government has only led to a time of destruction. But, when we look to the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ, where God's government will be in place, we will see a stark difference, a time of unparalleled peace.

October 10

The Elect
Roger West

I will show the Bible answer to who are God's Elect. I will show how and who God selects and what are the conditions to being God's Elect. Both God the Father and Jesus Christ are involved in this selection process.

October 11

An Abundance of Waters
Scott Lord

The living waters of Life (the Holy Spirit) will bring about changes in the World Tomorrow.

October 12

Where have all the graveyards gone?
Mike Blackwell

The Last Great Day represents the time when all mankind who has ever lived, 10's of billions of them, will have their chance to become part of the family of God. A folk song of the 19670 asked the question "where have all the graveyards gone?" They will all be emptied during the time pictured by this Day, and all mankind will come back as physical beings.

Understanding Satan’s Tactics
Gary Black

The Feast is encouraging. As we leave the Feast, we go back into "the world," which can be discouraging and difficult. Satan will do all he can to keep us out of God's Kingdom. What does the Bible reveal about his tactics? How can we recognize and overcome his temptations, and be back at the Feast next year spiritually stronger than we are today.