2016 Victoria, British Columbia (cancelled) Festival Messages

2016 President's Sermon

October 16

Man Cannot Rule Himself
Jon Pinelli

For six thousand years man has decided to choose his will over God's will. Since the Garden of Eden the end results have had tragic consequences. This "Why Are We Here" opening message shows that the basis of all restoration must be that mankind learns that God's will and not his will must and will be follow. Only by submitting to God can man truly learn how to rule himself.

October 17

Day One of the Millennium
Doug Johnson

Goal will be to show what newly-born members of the Family of God need to be focusing on in preparing for their role. We'll need to provide comfort, healing, teaching, showing how to work in harmony and giving guidance in living God's Way to the survivors of a shattered world.

October 19

Mercy in the Millennium—Do we possess it now?
Andy Burnett

Israel and the world will come to understand the mercy of God in the Millennium, a mercy which is everlasting. What will that look like? What effect will it have on mankind? Are we merciful now?

October 20

Millennium Economy
Jack Hendren

I will present the key concepts of the modern global economy and how the merchants will respond when Babylon the Great falls (Revelation 18). I will then take the same four concepts and present how the millennium economy will work. The conclusion module is to emphasis that we mature as Christians talk to each other about the messages we hear.

October 21

E Pluribus Unum (Out of many one)
Jon Pinelli

Multiculturalism is seen as the great vehicle of promoting unity. Multiple religions, cultures and lifestyles are supposed to bring about unity for mankind. By tolerating multiculturalism, we have a world that is less unified. During the Millennium there will be a restoration of one culture. The training and teaching of human beings will encompass one culture – the God culture. That culture has three prongs – there is one God, one truth and one value system.

The Millennium and the Kingdom of God
Doug Johnson

This Bible study is intended to illustrate the distinction between the Millennium and the Kingdom of God. They are overlapping and entwined phrases, but not identical in meaning. The Millennium is defined by time ("one thousand years"), but the Kingdom of God is eternal and never-ending (Isaiah 9). The Millennium is the first task for the newly-born Family (Kingdom) of God.

October 22

The Millennium-The Temple, Sacrifices, Promises to Abraham
Richard Pinelli

Christ recovers the remnant of His people Israel, sets them up in Jerusalem through His system of worship in the commandments, statutes, and judgments to become the model nation of the world and to carry out the final fulfillment of the promises made to Abraham.

October 23

An Abundance of Water
Scott Lord

The recent FI Educational trip to Israel made the point that where there is water, there is life. Water is scarce in the Holy Land today. But in the world tomorrow, water will be abundant. But water is also symbolic of the Holy Spirit. In the world tomorrow there will be an abundance of water (God's Spirit) and the world will change as a result.

October 24

The Last Day was in God’s Mind from the First Day
Cecil Maranville

Numerous scriptures show that the fulfillment of this festival is not an afterthought; that God views the people He will bring to life much more than "leftovers” to be cleaned up. Rather, bringing them into His family has been as much in God’s thinking as the people portrayed in the earlier festivals. He has had the end in mind from the beginning.

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It’s off to work we go!
Andy Burnett

This is a Last Great Day Afternoon message as we leave to return to our homes and the year ahead. As we look to the future fulfillment of the messages we've heard this Feast, how will it impact our resolve as we continue to perform the most important work on the face of the earth?