2016 Steamboat Springs, Colorado Festival Messages

2016 President's Sermon

October 16

The History & Future of the Feast
Larry Neff

It is God's desire that we both remember our Feast experiences and look forward to the observance of the Feast in the future. This sermon involves the early years of the Feast in the modern era and points forward to its observance in the World Tomorrow.

October 17

Thy Kingdom Come
Doug Horchak

Christ admonished His disciples to begin their prayer with "Thy kingdom come". Are we motivated for the return of Christ and God's Kingdom to begin? Why does this world need the Kingdom of God? What benefits will the Kingdom usher in?

October 19

Repentance and the Millennium
Doug Horchak

Repentance was and is a part of our calling. Repentance will also be an experience that millions, then billions will go through after Christ's return. What part might we play in assisting, teaching, and helping those human beings going through such fundamental change in the Millennium?

October 20

Israel’s Relationship with God—Past & Future
Paul Luecke

Israel's relationship with God in the past was less than ideal. But in the future Israel's relationship with God will be on an unprecedented level...as will God's blessings in return. What level are we now living on, in advance of the Millennium?

October 21

No More War
Gary Black

We look forward to a time when there is no more war. How will that come to be? And is there a place for war in our own hearts today?

River of Living Waters
Paul Luecke

There are some famous rivers on earth today, but in the Millennium a new river will begin flowing which will be much more famous. This river--described within a remarkably detailed prophecy in Ezekiel--will originate from under the new temple, and will have miraculous properties wherever it goes.

October 22

Survival—Physical & Spiritual
Larry Neff

Human life will not survive unless the end-time Elijah turns the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. And Jesus said all flesh would be destroyed were it not for the elect. This means the world's physical survival relates to our spiritual survival. Will give keys to spiritual survival based on comparisons to the WW2 coastwatchers of the Solomon Islands.

October 23

A Trip to M-900
Paul Luecke

Based on prophecies God has revealed about the Millennium, let's take a trip to a time in the later part of the Millennium, and spend a week with a family to see what life might be like at that time.

October 24

The Meaning of the Last Great Day
Mark Whynaucht

As you all know, the Feast of Tabernacles is one of the awesome steps in God’s master plan for all mankind. It pictures the millennial reign of Jesus Christ and the saints on the earth. But what’s the next step in the plan of God? Let's look at the Great White Throne judgment period and beyond. What is the meaning of this Last Great Day? What is the meaning of the Great White Throne judgment? We’re going to look at these two questions and go beyond this final step in the plan of God and talk about the new heavens and new earth to follow.

Endure to the End
Gary Black

Matthew 24 verse 13 tells us that the person who endures to the end shall be saved. How can we develop the kind of endurance needed to withstand future trials and remain faithful until the return of Jesus Christ?