2016 San Diego, California Festival Messages

2016 President's Sermon

October 16

David Register

Utopia is the title of a book written in the 16th century about a fictional place. But the world has historically searched for Utopia for millennia. The early Spanish settlers who founded the city of San Diego and the other 20 missions in California did so as they searched for Utopia and gold! We come to the feast each year declaring that we are also seeking a utopia, just as our Christian fathers did. But the utopia we seek is not in or from this world. It will only come from God, at the return of Jesus Christ! The beginning of that Utopia is the millennial reign of our soon coming king, Jesus Christ!

October 17

A Reason for the Hope
David Johnson

Every human has had hopes for this life and the future, but most of those hopes have failed or been abandoned. As we gather at the Feast we are celebrating a festival filled with hope. What is different about the hope we celebrate as we keep the Feasts? And how should godly hope - genuine hope - affect the way we keep the feast, the way we observe the feast, and the way we live when we return home?

October 19

Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth
David Johnson

Paul told Timothy that it was God's desire for all to "come to the knowledge of the truth," but he also spoke of those who were "ever learning but unable to come to the knowledge of the truth." The festivals are intended to teach us God's plan and way of life, but how thoroughly are we learning? True learning involves the mind, the heart, and the actions. How can we learn to apply God's truth revealed in the holy days to those three areas of life?

October 20

Habakkuk: A Message of HOPE for the Future
James Capo

Habakkuk was distressed over the evils and violence he saw in the land, and wondered why God would allow it to continue. God's answer surprised and troubled him! But he was assured that "the just shall live by faith," and that "the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea." Will our faith sustain us? How can we keep the vision of the Kingdom and the lessons of this Feast always bright before us?

October 21

Hold Fast
Paul Carter

God has Promised many wonderful things for His people, but it is not just a matter of waiting for it to arrive. We are commanded to endure, to overcome, and we are commanded to Hold Fast! What does that mean, and how can we hold fast to what we have learned, as ell as what we are offered? The message to "hold fast" or "hold on" is one we need to take seriously in the last days.

October 22

Final Warning - Fear God
Jim Franks

In Revelation 14 we have three warning messages given by three angels. The history of this teaching is quite interesting. The first angel had an interesting warning to give to the world - Fear God, give glory to God and worship God. Notice that similar lessons are given about the Feast. What can we learn from this?

October 23

Living Waters
David Register

During the time of Christ, there was a water ceremony each day of the Feast of Tabernacles that culminated on the last day of the feast. Christ chose this ceremony to prophecy that the Holy Spirit would soon come to His disciples and would eventually cover the entire earth. He compared the healing and life-giving spirit to "Living Waters". This message covers the prophecies and the practical application of Christ's message about the living waters.

October 24

Lessons from the Feast
Jim Franks

What did you learn during this Feast about God? What did God learn about you this Feast? Some of the most important lessons from the Feast are discussed.

And Another Book was Opened
James Capo

It has always been God's intent "to bring MANY sons to glory," and scripture reveals that it is during the Great White Throne judgment period that the majority of humanity will rise in the Second Resurrection, to be granted the opportunity to have their names written into the Book of Life. What does God's Word tell us about this special book? Why are there so many different ideas about the Book of Life, and what does having this book "opened" mean for them?