2016 Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Festival Messages

2016 President's Sermon

October 16

Take Off Your Shoes
Larry Salyer

At the Feast, we come into the presence of God. It will enhance our Feast immeasurably if we remember that God is holy and He has made us holy also. This sermon looks at the example of the statements to both Moses and Joshua being told to take off their shoes in God's presence. We will discuss what God expects of us during the Feast.

October 17

King of Kings-a Lion-like Lamb
Lyle Welty

Jesus Christ will rule as King of Kings during the Millennium. He will demonstrate a perfect balance of the best qualities and strengths of both a lion and a lamb.

October 19

The Glorious Majesty of His Kingdom
Ron Kelley

Based on Psalm 145:10-15. While we think of the physical beauty and peace of the Millennium and all the glory and majesty we'll see with that (ie. -lion/lamb/desert blossoms, etc), the real glory and majesty of the Kingdom to come is what results from the repentance and conversion of millions of people. The lives of the people living at that time will parallel our lives today. We're living it now to teach them later.

October 20

Instilling Values in our Children
Bruce Gore

The motto of Ambassador College was "Recapture True Values". One of our purposes to be at God's Feasts is to teach and strengthen godly values in our children. Here are 7 values that are a good beginning in the teaching of our children.

October 21

Building the Second Floor
Larry Salyer

This sermon discusses the Melchizedec priesthood of Jesus Christ and how it is carried into the Millennial period. We are told that we will be kings and priests, yet there is also a prophecy in Ezekiel of a physical temple being built in that period as well. What will spirit-born priests be doing in the Millennium. How do the citizens of that kingdom learn the truth of salvation?

October 22

Decalogue of Promises
John Foster

Zechariah 8 contains ten promises regarding the future millennium. In a verse-by-verse study, we'll look at each of these ten promises.

Rebuild The World? How?
Dave Myers

True Christians are training today to be prepared to help rebuild the world under the government of God. How can we possibly accomplish this feat? In this sermon we will discuss how, under Christ's guidance, we will rebuild the world - the right way.

October 23

Peace in the Valley
Ron Kelley

How do you have peace in your life today? It starts with your personal relationship with God. Repentance and baptism will enables you to have this “new heart. John 14: 27 "I am leaving you at peace. I am giving you my own peace." This kind of peace comes only from God. We are then to pursue peace. Will read a narrative (montage) of a description of true peace in Millennium from various scriptures for effect. For example: ISA 54:13 "All your children will be taught by the Lord, and your children will have unlimited peace."

How Committed are you to the Kingdom?
Tom Schultz

As Christians we will endure trials and grief because of our beliefs, just as Jesus did. We have been given and are offered much. We must overcome the world and endure to the end to make it into the Kingdom of God.

October 24

The Final Harvest Festival
Lyle Welty

This sermon gives an explanation of the meaning of this holy day.

Finish the Work
John Foster

Abraham Lincoln once spoke of striving to finish the work. We are in a much greater work, and it must be finished. This sermon discusses what that work is, and how it can be accomplished and finished.