2016 Orange Beach, Alabama Festival Messages

2016 President's Sermon

October 16

Welcome to the Millennium
Phil Sandilands

Introduction - We are here at the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles – picturing the beginning of the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ.
Main Body - The Bible gives us a glimpse of how people will return to His ways in the Millennium. We will be there to help! The world will have a need for the truth of God to be spread to all those people who have survived and will start the Millennium. The early apostles spread God’s word throughout Asia Minor after Christ returned to the throne of God. How will those laws be spread after He returns? Will you be ready?

October 18

How Will God Perform a Heart Transplant?
Larry Lambert

God does not create His holy righteous character in us by fiat. However, if you put down on paper all the steps that have to occur during the process from sinner to salvation, you see that God is THE major player. Realizing what God is accomplishing in His Plan gives us a much deeper appreciation for His love and what He has in mind for people in the Millennium. This sermon will be a review of the steps that will occur in the lives of men and women during the Millennium as God brings them into His family.

October 19

Final Warning - Fear God
Jim Franks

One of the purposes for the Feast is to learn to "fear God." In Revelation 14, there are final warning messages given by three angels. The warning from the first angel is threefold - fear God, give glory to God, and worship God. These are also lessons from the Feast that we need to learn.

October 20

Do You Believe In Miracles?
Clyde Kilough

Everything God promises to fulfill in the Millenium is, to us humans, miraculous. Our keeping the Feasts is a profession that we believe in the unbelievable coming to pass. This sermon explores miracles past, present and future, and emphasizes John's gospel admonition that we must believe.

October 21

Trading and Trafficking
Larry Greider

The sermon "Trading and Trafficking" plays off of Satan's get way verses God's give way. The focus of the world today is attaining wealth and prosperity usually created by a focus on getting. God's way is to work together, sharing, helping, encouraging etc. The contrast should be an emphasis for feast goers who are coming out of the world to celebrate God's way of giving.

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem
Phil Sandilands

Many stories in the Bible center on the area we commonly call the Temple Mount. Since it will be the focus of Christ’s throne during the Millennium, let’s explore the history and future of this unique piece of real estate.

October 22

Teachers in God’s Kingdom
Harold Rhodes

Christ said we were to be kings and priests in His kingdom. As a priest, we will be responsible to teach people God's laws. Christ was known as the "Master" or Teacher. By employing the teaching methods He used, we can become more effective teachers during the Millennium and beyond.

October 23

Spiritual Creation: Past, Present and for Eternity
Cory Erickson

Spiritual Creation has taken place from the beginning of man's existence. In the Millennium, God will will continue Spiritual Creation en masse. We not only have the wonderful opportunity to participate in this process in people, but it has important implications for us now as God continues to spiritually create in His called out ones now!

Lest They Forget
Rick Avent

The way God designed our minds makes keeping the annual Feasts an essential key to spiritual growth. Our minds have an analytical component and an intuitive component which are explained. It is explained how God designed His Feasts to fit perfectly with our complex minds so that we will not forget. The Feasts enable us to recalibrate our intuitive unconscious mind and educate our analytical conscious mind.

October 24

Finally an Opportunity
Larry Lambert

What will happen to the billions of people who are in their graves at this time who have never been called by God and given the opportunity to be saved and come to the knowledge of His truth? The Last Great Day pictures the step in God's Plan when He will resurrect all of these people from their graves and give them (for the first time ever,) the opportunity for salvation.

The Element of Surprise
Clyde Kilough

God's people patiently wait for the fulfillment of all the prophecies of His coming salvation, but we must never slip into a "my Lord delays His coming" mentality. Many scriptures stress that when He acts, it will come swiftly and surprisingly upon the whole world. What must we do to be ready?