2016 New Braunfels, Texas Festival Messages

2016 President's Sermon

October 16

Let’s Go Up to the Mountain
Ken Giese

An opening night message focused upon Micah 4:1-4. What will the world be like as the thousand-year rule of Jesus Christ begins? In essence, we have chosen to do what entire nations will choose to do following Christ's return - we have come up to the mountain of the Lord to be taught of His ways here at the Feast of Tabernacles.

October 17

Seven Keys to the Kingdom
David Treybig

The messages to the seven churches in Revelation provide timeless advice on how we can attain our calling to assist Christ in His millennial reign on earth.

October 19

The Firstfruits and the Feast of Tabernacles
Steven D. Moody

God the Father personally hand-picks those who are called to be a part of the firstfruits of his Family. He personally foreknows, predestines, calls, justifies and will glorify them. He is being selective as to whom He calls because these firstfruits will serve with Jesus Christ to bring the knowledge of salvation (how to also become the very children of God) to the rest of humanity after Christ has restored God's rule to this earth.

October 20

Our Rejoicing Goes With Us
Jim D. Chapman

The command to observe the Feast of Tabernacles is accompanied by the command to rejoice. This message is an encouraging look at just a few of the blessings in store for us as we follow that command to rejoice.

The Spiritual Matrix
John Trotter

The science fiction movie The Matrix portrays most of mankind living in a society that is artificially constructed. This message explores the parallels with today's society ruled by the god of this world with the true reality of the kingdom of God and the millennial rule of Jesus Christ at His return.

October 21

We Will Become the Children of God
Steven D. Moody

Many scriptures show that we will inherit eternal life. This life will be the same as the life that God the Father and Jesus Christ now have. God will make us spirit. He will give us the same glory that Jesus now has. We will also become incorruptible and immortal just like God - having His fullness. We will become the very children of God on the God-plane level of life.

Righteousness, Peace and Joy
Mike Bennett

Travel 49 years into the Millennium to spend an imaginary day with "Bo," as he meditates on the essence of the Kingdom of God from Romans 14:17: "For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit." How will righteousness, peace and joy spread in the Millennium? How does this apply to us today?

October 22

A Reason for the Hope
David Johnson

Every human has had hopes for this life and the future, but most of those hopes have failed or been abandoned. As we gather at the Feast we are celebrating a festival filled with hope. What is different about the hope we celebrate as we keep the Feasts? And how should godly hope - genuine hope - affect the way we keep the feast, the way we observe the feast, and the way we live when we return home?

October 23

From Generation to Generation
David Treybig

Building close, tight-knit families that pass along God’s way of life from generation to generation is God’s desire and expectation of us.

October 24

The Homecoming
Ken Giese

What is God's attitude toward the "lost" . . . those who have never had the opportunity to know God and understand His truths? What about the billions who died before they had a chance to live? The parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son reveal God's marvelous plan for ALL of mankind and His desire to bring us all home!

Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth
David Johnson

Paul told Timothy that it was God's desire for all to "come to the knowledge of the truth," but he also spoke of those who were "ever learning but unable to come to the knowledge of the truth." The festivals are intended to teach us God's plan and way of life, but how thoroughly are we learning? True learning involves the mind, the heart, and the actions. How can we learn to apply God's truth revealed in the holy days to those three areas of life?