2016 Fort Myers, Florida Festival Messages

2016 President's Sermon

October 16

The Plan Behind This Feast
Jim Haeffele

The Feast takes a great deal of planning by the Church. Has God been planning for this Feast? Yes! God's plans began before the beginning. When was the beginning? It was when Christ created all things. After ages of time Christ came 2,000 years ago as the most important part of God's plan. We have come here at the end of the age of man to celebrate this Feast that was planned millions of years ago. We are very close after all this time for God's plan for this Feast to be fulfilled.

October 17

When Should we get Tired of Rejoicing at the Feast?
Steve Ferenchiak

To encourage all to be excited and rejoice about keeping the Feast as we dwell on its meaning. And as we keep the Feast let's always "let our lights shine" so all we come into contact with in the Fort Myers area will see a "difference" in us. And let's make sure it's a "difference" that they will like.

October 19

The Workmanship of God
Arnold Burns

Jer 18:4 Jeremiah was given a message from God when he went to the potter's house. The sermon focuses on four steps in making pottery. It is through these steps Jeremiah's messages convey that each one of God children is on the master potter's wheel and He is molding and shaping and completing us in His image and likeness. Once complete we will assist Christ in helping reconciling and bring others to our Father.

October 21

Mission Impossible?
Dennis Garland

Forty-six years ago three U.S. astronauts faced incredible odds on their flight to the moon. It was later referred as - Apollo 13 - Mission Impossible.
When we read about the wonderful world tomorrow , while living in this world today, do we feel sometimes that the Kingdom of God is a Mission Impossible?

Will Christ’s Return Bring Immediate Peace?
Jim Haeffele

Will the great tribulation be the "war to end all wars?" No! We will look at prophetic events that will follow Christ's return. They include the return of Israel and Judah to the Middle East and the invasion by eastern and northern powers in the Middle East as described in Ezekiel 38-39.

October 22

The Heavens Declare God’s Glory
Britton Taylor

God reveals Himself to mankind in many ways. Romans 1:20 shows there is an ongoing revelation of His invisible attributes as clearly seen through the things that He has created. This sermon takes a look at the heavenly things in the context of the Feast of Tabernacles.

October 24

The Judgment and Judging
Jim Haeffele

The Last Great Day descries what the Judgment is and what our role is in judging. Christ explains that the Judgment is for the world. It is also a day of judgment today for the saints. We will judge the world one day, but we must first learn to "judge righteously" in this age.

If You Didn’t get to say Goodbye
Britton Taylor

The Last Great Day gives comfort to all who have lost a loved one.