2016 Branson, Missouri Festival Messages

2016 President's Sermon

October 17

The Law Will go Forth from Zion
Greg Sargent

The Feast represents the millennial period when all nations will worship the true God. How can they claim God as their God and be His people? Answer: God will put His laws in their minds, and write it on their hearts! (Jer. 31:33).

Learn to Fear the Lord Your God Always
Michael Hanisko

In Deuteronomy 14:23 we are told that one of the reasons we attend the Feast of Tabernacles is "...that you may learn to fear the Lord your God always." This message discusses why God says LEARN, what it means to FEAR GOD, and why God says ALWAYS.

October 19

Of the Increase of Peace There Will be no End
Justin Adkins

Isa 9:6-7 – Peace will increase because there are levels that need to be acknowledged and internalized. I want to look at the progression of peace in our personal lives and see how that helps in building a peace that will last forever.
1) God grants peace – key verses 1 Cor 14:33, John 14:27
2) Peace requires action and work – key verses Ps 34:14, Pro 16:7
3) Through peace we are unified – key verses Eph 4:1-3, Mat 11:28-30
We’re here to be part of that peace that never ends. Seek God’s type of peace NOW.

October 20

What the World Needs Now
Ken Treybig

There is a serious cry and need for trustworthy and ethical leadership, both in our nation and the world. That is exactly what is described in Isa 9:1-7 and Isa 11:1-5 when describing how Jesus Christ will rule in the world after His return. What exactly do those terms in those passages mean, what do they look like ‘in real life’ and how can we be developing now to become the trustworthy and ethical leaders serving with Jesus Christ?

October 21

This Is The Way, Beat The Sword
Nathan Willoughby

In the Millennium we will be teaching the way to live and how to love. We will be helping repair the breach between mankind and God, which will restore godliness and a proper way of life. We will have the opportunity to see the sword get beat and lives be changed. If these are things we are going to be doing and teaching in the future, we must be doing them now!

Oh No! Not Satan Again!
Mike Blackwell

Satan will be bound and put away during the millennium. That will be wonderful--but we find at the end of the millennium he and the demons will be released again for a short time to deceive some nations again. We know God has a plan for everything, but this seems unreasonable. What is God's reason for this act? What will he accomplish by doing it?

October 22

The Sabbath and the Kingdom
Greg Sargent

As goes the Sabbath, so goes the Kingdom. The way we keep God's Holy Sabbath day indicates our attitude toward seeking the Kingdom of God. The Sabbath is supposed to be a reminder of the 7th thousand years at which time firstfruits inherit God's kingdom. If we are lax in attendance, fellowship and setting the Sabbath aside as Holy, are we really seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness?

October 23

Five Dynamic Changes Effected by the Millennium
Michael Hanisko

The Feast is a picture of the Millennium. This sermon discusses a series of dynamic changes to the world and the world order effected by the coming of the Millennium.

October 24

A God of Equality
Ken Treybig

Bible scholars and even the Jews fail to identify a clear purpose for the 8th day festival of Leviticus 23. Today many people feel they don’t matter—that they are not treated equally and that no one really cares about them. This day proves God cares equally about all humans which we can see that by looking at several main misconceptions Christianity has and contrasting those false ideas with what this day pictures. God will ensure ALL have a fair chance at eternal life.

What then? Where now?
Mike Blackwell

When the Great White Throne Judgment is over everyone will be either Spirit beings or they will be dead. So what comes then? God's job title is Creator--will He quit creating then? What about all the rest of the Universe--is it so much "window dressing?" Will He continue by expanding on out? But what about now for us. What do we need to do to be sure we are there in the Family of God when this time cones?